Antioch Acres - A great place for family & friends!

To learn about Antioch Acres is to know the love story of the owners: Rusty and Mary Durbin. Reunited later in life, they dreamed of building a home together with beautiful grazing lands, large bountiful gardens, and a place where all kinds of animals could be a part of their lives. Antioch Acres would become that vision, and the Durbins are so proud and grateful to be the owners since 2004.

When they first purchased the property, it was exclusively cropland. Over two years, they developed two barns and the surrounding land into a working farm. Then in March of 2012, a tornado leveled the entire property. Despite the heavy loss, Rusty and Mary believed in the Lord’s plan and knew their dream could still come true. They began to rebuild.

Today, Antioch Acres thrives as a picturesque estate with views from every direction. A gated entrance opens to a long sprawling driveway that takes the visitor past a charming horse barn. The drive then crosses through two tranquil lakes and leads to the heart of the farm’s large stately barn and their beautiful personal home.

Rusty and Mary always knew they wanted to be married on the property they so loved. That dream also became a reality when the Durbins said “I do” on Point Pond, one of the first scenic views they had created together. That was one of the first of many gatherings at Antioch Acres, which has become known as one of the loveliest places for cookouts, celebrations, and family gatherings. Rusty and Mary’s adult children encouraged them to open up the farm for the public to enjoy and over the years, more and more people requested the Durbin’s farm to host weddings. If they had learned anything from the tornado of 2012, it was that the serene beauty of their homestead shouldn’t be taken for granted. The Durbins feel so blessed to have had such joy and an everlasting love story on Antioch Acres, and the chance to share it with others is now considered an even greater miracle.

The property is approximately forty-five minutes from downtown Cincinnati in Clermont County. There are seventy acres total with four manicured lakes. Two lakes have soothing fountains of rhythmic, flowing water. The surrounding twenty acres of Antioch Acres is all forest, providing a wonderful backdrop for pictures in addition to the scenery of the farm. Please contact Mary and Rusty Durbin for additional questions.

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